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The I.I. Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the oldest institution in Ukraine specialised in general zoology. Zoological investigations within the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences has been commenced from the very beginning of its existence, in the year 1919, with organisation of "The Committee for studies of the fauna of Ukraine" led by Academician M.F. Kaschenko. The Committee initiated creation of the Zoological Museum in May 1919. This first zoological institution in Ukraine employed 22 researchers, including such outstanding scientists as M.F. Kaschenko, M.M. Voskoboynikov and V.O. Karavayev.

From these first steps the Institute of Zoology originated. It was officially founded in August 1, 1930. An outstanding zoologist Ivan Schmalhausen was the first director of the Institute. From the day of foundation, the Institute has become a leading zoological centre of the republic.

Before the Great Patriotic War, a range of important scientific works has been accomplished in various fields of zoology: parasitology (O.P. Markevich), myrmicology (V.A. Karavayev), and separate keys for identification of mammals and birds have been published. This became a foundation for development of a wide range of scientific directions in zoology. In this time, the Department of biological methods of pest control was created. The Department of evolutionary morphology of vertebrates headed by I.I. Schmalhausen first formulated the law of parabolic growth, which allowed study of animal individual growth and development. In early 40-ies, the investigations in the field of general genetics have been already started in the Institute (S.M. Gershenzon).

In separate times the Institute was headed by outstanding zoologists: Academicians D.K. Tretyakov, O.P. Markevich, V.G. Kasyanenko, P.M. Mazhuga, I.G. Pidoplichko, V.O. Topachevskiy. From 1987 and till present time the Institute is being leaded by Corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Sciences, Professor I.A. Akimov.

Today the Institute is a worldwide known zoological institution with a powerful scientific potential and corresponding structure including 14 scientific departments, Bird ringing centre, ornithological station in Melitopol, experimental apiary, CITES Coordination Centre and Department of scientific information. The latter includes the library containing 153 thousands of special publications and the editorship of the «Zoodiversity» (former Vestnik Zoologii) journal.

Within the Institute, 3 scientific societies are working: The Ukrainian Scientific Society of Parasitologists, The Ukrainian Entomological Society, and The Ukrainian Theriological Society.

Working in the Institute are 132 researchers, including an Academician of Ukrainian NAS (V.I. Monchenko), three Corresponding Members of NAS (I.A. Akimov, I.G. Yemelyanov and L.I. Frantsevich), 22 Doctors of Sciences and 88 Philosophy Doctors.

"Leader of animal and environmetal researches in Ukraine"
presentation by V. O. Kharchenko at International Scientific Conference "Rediscovering Eastern Europe"



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