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International Scientific Conference "Rediscovering Eastern Europe"

Presentation by V. A. Kharchenko

5. From the past we have got fundamental school in animal systematic. Our collections are the base for ecological and animal protection researches.
8. Today our library consists more then 150 thousands volumes. Via Scientific library of NAS we have access to Scopus – one of the most comprehensive database in biology.
9. We have so called Centers for collective using of unique scientific equipment. This allows us to share this equipment among academic institutes. Our Iinstitute has excellent light microscope and we can use scanning electron microscope or real time PCR machine in other institutes.
10. Synthesis of traditional morphological and modern molecular approaches gives us opportunity to work on high level in taxonomy and phylogenetic. As example here you can see taxonomic analysis of parasitoid flies, which used for biological control of plant pests.
11... molecular researches on population level.
12. Study of Ukrainian faunistic biodiversity to develop programs on its conservation in reserves and man-made changed cenoses. We are envolved in global international environmental projects (European econetwork, international Red Lists, CITES), Bern, Rio de Janeiro, Ramsar.
13. We have done substantiation reports for creating of ecological corridors on the territory of Ukraine and Animal Red Book list.
14. Now we are working on strategy of Bison bonasus protection.

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