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Department of Animal Monitoring and Conservation

Laboratory of Population Ecology

Was established as the department in 1931, with the name Sector of the animal ecology. In different years, the deaprtment had been headed by A. G. Lebedev, A. A. Ljubischev, E. V. Zverozomb-Zubovsky, P. A. Sviridenko, N. N. Sinitsky, I. T. Sokur. Today, it’s headed by Prof. Igor G. Emelianov.

The base research theme: populations and communities of different animal species in ecosystems of different natural zones of Ukraine (diversity, zoogeography and conservation).


Igor G. Emellianov

head, DSc., Prof., academician of the NAS of Ukraine

Diversity and its role in the functional stability and evolution of ecosystems, structural-functional organization of biosystems of various degree of integration.

Lena V. Godlevska

PhD, senior research scientist

Fauna, ecology, zoogeography, phylogeography of bats, niche modeling analyses. Wildlife conservation.

E-mail: lgodlevska(at)

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Natalia S. Atamas

PhD, research scientist

Ecology of colonial waterbirds, bird communities in transformed ecosystems, invasion processes, synurbization of fauna. Science popularization.

E-mail: atamasnataly (at)

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Iryna O. Synyavska

PhD, research scientist

Variability and morphological diversity in vertebrates, statistics, ordering and keeping of zoological collections.

E-mail: irasinyavska (at)

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Inna M. Kotserzhinska

junior research scientist

Ecology of amphibians and reptiles, ecological factors, fauna distribution, monitoring, nature reservation.

E-mail: inna.kotserzh(at)

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Pavlo M. Vorobei

PhD sturent

Bioacoustics. Bat fauna, ecology, bat migrations. Nature conservation.

E-mail: vorobejpasha7(at)

Mariia O. Savchenko

Senior Engineer

Bat fauna and ecology, GIS, species distribution modelling, remote sensing, wildlife conservation.

E-mail: meer.and.maria (at)

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