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International Scientific Conference "Rediscovering Eastern Europe"

Presentation by V. A. Kharchenko

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15. We produced the conception of development Azov-Black Sea ecological corridor and creation of National park at downstream of Bug river
16. We also investigate the effect of alien species and GMO on faunistic resources of Ukraine, develope the special programs, searching for indigenous species, possibilities (regulators) to control number of invaders (invading species).
17. Our Institute study the adaptations at different levels biodiversity to extreme abiotic and biotic factors including global climate warming, man-made factors in cities, state of space weightlessness, etc.
18. Our scientists have created some spatial models of ecological niche and species distribution...
19. ... and made Prognosis of bird flu dynamic in 2005.
20. We were the first who have found expected alveollar echinococcus in Western Ukraine...
21. ... and several new for Ukraine species of Trichinella.
22. Development of bones under zero gravity.
24. Results of our work are presented in a range of monographs. Here presented are the books published for the last 5 years.
25. Our journal “Vestnik of Zoology “ is distributed by Metapress via Versita.
27. You can learn more about us from the web-site.

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Інститут зоології ім. І.І.Шмальгаузена НАН України, 2004-2009

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