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Department of Parasitology

General direction of investigations:

Fauna, systematics and phylogeny of parasites of terrestrial and aquatic vertebrates, helminth life cycles, place and role of various groups of vertebrates and invertebrates in helminth transmission in ecosystems.

Separate directions:

  • Fauna of helminths of vertebrates (birds, wild and domestic mammals, fishes) of Ukraine.
  • Systematics and phylogeny of cestodes.
  • Systematics and phylogeny of nematodes.
  • Paratenic parasitism.
  • Participation of amphibians and reptiles in helminths of vertebrates transmission.
  • Terrestrial mollusks and arthropods as helminths of vertebrates intermediate hosts.
  • Helminth communities of wild and domestic horses in Ukraine; seasonal and age-specific changes, means of control.
  • Peculiarities of interactions in "fish-parasite" system under anthropogenic influence in Ukraine; fish parasites control.
  • Fine structure of some groups of parasites (cestodes, Microsporidia).

Research Staff:

Vitaliy A. Kharchenko - DrSci., Dr. Hab., Leading Researcher, Head of the Department

Nematodes of the orders Rhabditida and Strongylida; parasites of wild and domestic vertebrates, their control.

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Vadim V. Kornyushin, Prof., DrSci. - Principal Researcher

Fauna, systematics and phylogeny of Cestoda

E-mail: vadikorn[et]

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Olga I. Lisitsina - PhD, Senior Researcher

Acanthocephala of terrestrial vertebrates

E-mail: olisitsyna[et]

Yuriy I. Kuzmin - DSc, Leading Researcher

Nematodes of the family Rhabdiasidae; parasitic nematodes of amphibians, reptiles and other terrestrial vertebrates

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Tetyana A. Kuzmina - PhD, Leading Researcher

Parasites and parasitoses of wild and domestic ungulates; biological and integrated control of parasites

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Kateryna A. Slivinska - PhD, Senior Researcher

Parasites and parasitoses of horses

Oksana B. Geben - PhD, Senior Researcher

Cestodes of birds

E-mail: oksana1greben[et]

Olena Kudlai - PhD, Junior Researcher

Participation of fresh-water molluscs in transmission of trematodes

E-mail: alena[et]

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Yaroslav Syrota - PhD, Junior Researcher

Helminth of waterfowl


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Oleksandr M. Malega - Junior Researcher

Parasites of game animals

Ivanna G. Dmytrieva - post-graduate student

Parasite communities of amphibians


Olena O. Sokolova - Engineer


Volunteers of the Department

Eleonora N. Korol - PhD

Mollusca as intermediate hosts of helminths

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Ruslan V. Salamatin - Dr. Hab.

Castodes of birds; cestode fine structure

Yegor Yakovlev - PhD, Junior Researcher

Biology of Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) from families Steinernematidae and Heterorhabditidae

Working Group on Fish Parasites and Parasitises


Oleksandr A. Losiev - PhD, Senior Researcher

Yuliya S. Ivasiuk - PhD, Junior Researcher

Valentyna M. Lysenko - Engineer




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