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Department of Acarology

Department of Acarology was founded in 1978 on a base of laboratory of acarology being existing from 1968 under the leadership of Igor A. Akimov). During this period the collective of scientists carried out the wide range of investigations on fauna, ecology, morphology and physiology of mites on the territory of Ukraine and other regions (Middle Asia, Far East and so on). Many years researches of collaborators of Acarological Department resulted on widening of knowledge on many mite and tick taxonomic groups that are theoretical and economic importance.

The numbers of projects have been directed on the decision of some problems of fundamental and applied acarology. The Department of Acarology is the coordinator center of acarological investigations in academic and non academic scientific institutions. It makes an approbation of theses of postgraduate students and collaborators from different institutes of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and another scientific establishments in Ukraine and outsides too.

The Department of Acarology is generally recognized as one of the world centers of acarological investigations.


Akimov Igor A . (was born in 19.07 1937), Ph. D. (Biology), Proffessor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of the Department Ч evolution, functional morphology and comparative ecology of tetranychids, acaridids and gamasids; acarological aspects of Lyma decease transmission, varroosis of honey bee, animals biodiversity and ecoetics.

Kolodochka Leonid A. (was born in 31.07 1946), Ph. D. (Biology), Chief Scientist Ч systematics, faunistics, ecomorphology, autecology, a circle of the questions in using of phytoseiid mites (Parasitiformes, Phytoseiidae), synecology of plant habitat mites. E-male: leon@iz.freenet.kiev.ua

Piletskaya Irene V. (was born in 26.01.1953), Dr of Biology, senijor scientist Ч biology and ecology of Varroa mite - the parasite of honeybees. E-male: pil_i@iz.freenet.kiev.ua

Evtushenko Konstantine V. (was born in 21.05.1963), Dr of Biology, research scientist Ч fauna, ecology and systematics of spiders.

Zabludovska Svitlana O. (was born in 16.01.1948), Dr of Biology, research scientist, Ч free-living ereynetids (Trombidiformes, Ereynetidae) as well as mites of animals respiratory ways (Sarcoptiformes, Trombidiformes): systematics, biology, ecology, host-parasite relationships. Personal page >>

Zaloznaja Ludmila M. (was born in 05.09.1957), Dr of Biology, junior scientist, Ч nidicol mites of insects-pollinators (Apoidea).

Badanin Igor V. (was born in 18.01.1969), junior. scientist, Ч comparative morphology of mites (Trombidiformes, Gamasida); functional anatomy of gnathosoma, digestive and excretory systems.

Didyk Yuliya M. - Molecular biology and ecology of hard ticks with a focus on prevalence, extension and genetic characterization of tick-borne pathogens of medical and veterinary importance. Interactions between vectors, pathogens and hosts. Systematics, phylogeny and biology of Trichinella (Nematodes, Trichinellidae) parasites. Personal page >>

Abrazhevych Polina
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