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Department of animal monitoring and conservation

The Department started its activity in 1996. The main research directions of the Department are:

  • nature conservation (direct collaboration in preparing of materials for the III edition of Red Data Book of Ukraine, creation of protected territories);
  • monitoring of rare, threatened and endangered species (in particular amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals);
  • study of anthropogenic influence on species communities and elaboration of Action plan for biodiversity conservation within Kiev city aglomeration;
  • develoрment of national and regional econets.

Research fellows of the Department:

Kostushin Vasyl Ц head of the department, candidate of biological sciences (ornithology, Red Data Book of Ukraine, develoрment of National econet; kv@wetl.kiev.ua, kost@izan.kiev.ua).

Butejko Tetiana Ц junior researcher, candidate of biological sciences (ornithofauna of urbanized landscapes, ecotoxicology of birds).

Mishta Alina Ц researcher, candidate of biological sciences (mammalogy; systematics, distribution, karyological and morphological variation of insectivorous mammals; rare species of mammals; diversity of mammals on protected areas, amishta@izan.kiev.ua). Personal page.

Nekrasova Oksana Ц researcher, candidate of biological sciences (ecology of amphibians and reptiles on the territories under different anthropogenic press; the state of populations of rare amphibians and reptiles; hybridization of frogs of Rana esculenta complex, oneks@mail.ru).

Vasyliuk Oleksij Ц lead engineer (biodiversity assessment; nature conservation, vasyliuk@gmail.com).

Kolomytsev Grygory Ц lead engineer (ornithology, biodiversity assessment; GIS in zoology, kolomytsev@gmail.com).

Redchuk Polina Ц engineer (biodiversity assessment, adeliaea@gmail.com).

Yanish Yevgenija Ц junior researcher (ornithology, ecology of Corvidae, paleonthology and zooarcheology, tinel@ukr.net). Personal page.

Chernychko Yosyp Ц senior researcher, doctor of biological sciences (ornithology, migration, azov.black.station@gmail.com).

Kutsokon Yuliya Ц junior staff scientist, candidate of biological sciences (PhD) (present status of ichthyofauna in Ukraine, alien and vulnerable species, morphometrics and aberration in external fish body), carassius1@ukr.net. Personal page.



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