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Department of Evolutionary Morphology

Research Direction:

Evolutionary mechanisms of adaptation in various animal taxa and ecological groups.

Current Research Projects:

Studies of formation terms, growth and differentiation of organs and tissues in various vertebrates.

Studies of morphofunctional peculiarities and trends of evolutionary transformations in locomotor organs, skin, respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems in various vertebrates.

Quantitative description of variation, diversity, and evolution of osteometric characters in various animals; application of mathematical methods to comparative morphological and ecological data.


The Department includes Laboratory of Developmental Biology

History of the Department

Comparative anatomical studies have been conducted in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 1922. They were initiated at the Chair of Experimental Zoology and at the Omelchenko Biological Institute. Since 1930 this studies have been conducted at the Departments of Experimental and Comparative Morphology of the newly established Institute of Zoology and Biology (renamed into Institute of Zoology of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR in 1939, now Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The studies were initiated and led by I. I. Schmalhausen (the first Director of the Institute and Head of the Department of Experimental Morphology) until 1941.


Stuff of the Department:


Igor Dzeverin

Dr. Sci., Head of the Department


Scientific interests: Mammalogy. Evolutionary theory. Statistical techniques in biology. History and philosophy of biology.

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Michail Kovtun

Dr. Sci., Professor, Principal Research Scientist


Scientific interests: comparative and evolutionary morphology; embryology, evolution, ontogenesis.

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Pavel Gol'din

Cand. Sci., Assoc. Prof., acting Leading Research Scientist


Scientific interests: Comparative anatomy, evolution and ontogeny of marine mammals. Paleontology of marine mammals. Populations of marine mammals: dynamics, morphology, mortality factors. Age, growth, and life history of mammals. Zooarchaeology. Conservation of marine and coastal areas. Marine mammals of the Azov and the Black Seas.

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Irine Kovalyova

(1956 - 2018)

Cand. Sci., Senior Research Scientist


Scientific interests: morphology, ecology and evolution of mammals, particularly Chiroptera.

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Maria Ghazali

Cand. Sci., acting Senior Research Scientist


Scientific interests: morphology and evolution of skull and teeth. Bats' distribution and ecology.

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Oksana Shatkovska

Cand. Sci., Research Scientist


Scientific interests: formation of bird limbs skeleton in embryogenesis and postembryogenesis. Changes of proportions of the skeleton of the limbs in ontogeny of birds of different adaptive groups. Morpho-functional adaptation of the limbs of the birds.

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Hanna Sheverdyukova

Cand. Sci., acting Research Scientist


Scientific interests: reptiles development, morphology and phylogeny.

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Anna Romaniuk

Acting Junior Research Scientist

Scientific interests: morpho-functional and biomechanical features of masticatory apparatus of the Carnivora (in particular, Mustelidae) in view of feeding strategy.

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Igor Bogdanovich

Cand. Sci., Senior Researcher, Leading engineer


Scientific interests: origin of birds locomotor apparatus, flight and birds as class.

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Natalya Slutska

Leading engineer. Technical supply.


Scientific interests: morphology and evolution of skull anurans.

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Marina Vysotskaya

First category engineer. Technical and material supply.


Scientific interests: spinal column functional morphology of sharks different systematic groups, cetacean hind limb embryogenesis.

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