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[Department of Invertebrate Fauna and Systematics]

Selected publications of Dr. Olena V. Degtyarenko


Scientific Papers

1. Mytiai I.S.,Zabroda S.N., Vlasov I.I., Ivanova V.M., Degtyarenko E.V. & Brovchenko N.T. 2001. Hydrological and hydrochemical mode of Molochnyi liman features. The Scientific Issues of Ternopil National Pedagogical Volodymyr Hnatiuk University. Series Biology, 3 (4): 214Ц216 [in Russian with English summary].

2. Mytiai I.S. & Degtyarenko E.V. 2006. Criteria problems in morpho-functional organization of animals (mollusks and birds are exemplified). Ecologiсо-functional and faunal aspects of molluscs research, their role in bioindication of environment condition. Zhytomyr: Izd-vo ZhDU imeni Ivana Franka, 2: 200Ц203 [in Russian with English summary].

3. Degtyarenko O.V. 2009. Current state of common river snail Viviparus viviparus L. (Mollusca; Gastropoda) population in the rivers of Azov sea region. Biologia ta valeologia, 11: 11Ц15 [in Russian with English summary].

4. Degtyarenko O.V. 2009. Lymnaea stagnalis (L. 1758) as a bioindicator for Azov sea region small rivers. Issues of Ecology and Bioindication, 14 (2): 192Ц198 [in Russian with English summary].

5. Antonovskiy A.G. & Degtyarenko O.V. 2009. Comparative description of fresh and saline water mollusks of North Azov region. Recent questions biology, ecology and chemistry: electric. science. profession. kind., 1 (2): 33Ц45. Available at: http://sites.znu.edu.ua/bio-eco-chem-sci [in Russian with English summary].

6. Degtyarenko O.V. 2010. Malacofauna of rivers in north Azov region as feed base of hydrocoles. Scientific reports National Agricultural University of Ukraine, electric. science. profession. kind., 4(20). Available at: http://www.nbuv.gov.ua/e-journals/Nd/2010-4/10dovfbh.pdf [in Russian with English summary].

7. Degtyarenko O.V. 2010. Features of size description of Acroloxus lacustris (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca; Gastropoda) are in the small rivers of North Priazov. The Scientific Issues of Ternopil National Pedagogical Volodymyr Hnatiuk University. Series Biology, 2 (43): 160-163 [in Russian with English summary].

8. Anistratenko O.Yu., Degtyarenko E.V. & Anistratenko V.V. 2010. Shell and radula comparative morphology of the Gastropod Molluscs family Valvatidae from the North Black Sea coast. Ruthenica, 20 (2): 91-101 [in Russian with English summary].

9. Degtyarenko E.V. & Anistratenko V.V. 2011. Does Physa skinneri Taylor, 1954 (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Physidae) inhabit Ukraine? Ruthenica, 21(2): 89-94 [in Russian with English summary].

10. Degtyarenko E.V. & Anistratenko V.V. 2013 (2011). Molluscs of the continental waters of the north-west Azov Maritimes [Sea Coast]: a faunal review with remarks on distribution and ecology. Zbirnyk prats` Zoologichnogo muzeyu, 42: 13Ц57 [in Russian with English summary].

11. Degtyarenko O.V. 2013. On the distribution and population traits of Colletopterum piscinale (Nilsson, 1822) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in the rivers of the North-West Coast of the Azov Sea. Biological Bulletin of Bogdan Chmelnitskiy Melitopol State Pedagogical University, 3 (3): 37Ц47 [in Russian with English summary].

12. Anistratenko V.V., Ryabceva Yu.S. & Degtyarenko E.V. 2013. Morphological Traits of the Radula in Viviparidae (Mollusca, Caenogastropoda) as a Master Key to Discrimination of Closely Related Species. Vestnik zoologii, 47(2): 149-160.

13. Anistratenko V.V., Degtyarenko E.V., Anistratenko O.Yu. & Prozorova L.A. 2014. Modern distribution of Gastropod mollusks of the family Viviparidae (Caenogastropoda) in continental water bodies of Eurasia. Biology Bulletin, 41(9): 742Ц751. [Original Russian Text published in Zoologiceskij zhurnal, 2014, vol. 93, No. 2, pp. 211Ц220].

14. Khaliman I.A., Anistratenko V.V. & Degtyarenko E.V. 2015. Regional peculiarities of malacofauna in waterbodies of different types of the North-West Azov Sea Coast. Dopovidi NAN Ukrainy 11: 98-105 [in Russian with English summary].



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