[Department of Invertebrate Fauna and Systematics]

Selected publications of Dr. Olga ANISTRATENKO



1. Anistratenko V.V. & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2001. Fauna Ukraine: In 40 vol. Vol. 29: Mollusca. Fasc. 1. B. 1: Class Polyplacophora or Chitons, Class Gastropoda - Cyclobranchia, Scutibranchia and Pectinibranchia (part). Kiev: Veles. 240 pp. [in Russian with extend English summary and captions].

2. Anistratenko V.V., Anistratenko O.Yu. & Kostenko N.S. 2009 [2007-2008]. Atlas of Karadag Molluscs. Chitons and Gastropods. Simpheropol: SONAT. 120 pp. [in Russian with English Abstract].

3. Anistratenko V.V., Khaliman I.A & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2011. The Molluscs of the Sea of Azov. Kiev: Naukova dumka. 173 pp. [in Russian with English Abstract].


Scientific Papers

1. Anistratenko O.Yu. & Anistratenko V.V. 1996. Gastropods of the Ukrainian Sea Nature Reserves. Proceedings of the 4-th Intern. Congress Med. and Applied Malacology. Santiago (Chile). Journal of Medical and Applied Malacology, 8(1): 150.

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3. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000 [1999]. The taxonomical revision of Middle-Sarmatian molluscs of the group "Trochus podolicus" (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Trochidae) with the description of one new species. Geological journal, 4: 66-73 [Russian with Engl. summary].

4. Anistratenko O.Yu., Litvinenko D. P. & Anistratenko V.V. 2000. New data on Gastropods fauna of the Molochnyj estuary and adjacent area of the Sea of Azov. Ecologya morya, 50: 45-48 [in Russian with English summary].

5. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000. Methodical problems of conchological investigations of fossil gastropods. Proceedings of NAS of Ukraine, 6: 114-118 [Russian with English summary].

6. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000. Granulifera pulla gen. et sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Pectinibranchia, Trochidae) from the Middle Miocene of the Western Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, 34(3): 3-6 [Russian with English summary].

7. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000. Mollusks of the family Tecturidae (Gastropoda Cyclobranchia) from the Sarmatian deposits of the Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, Supplement 14(1): 33-39 [Russian with English summary].

8. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000. Sarmatian mollusks of the group Calliostoma podolicoformis (Gastropoda, Calliostomatidae): taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution and stratigraphycal significance. Geologicheskij zhurnal, 1: 82-86 [Russian with English summary].

9. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2000. New species of the genus Tectura (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Tecturidae) from the Sarmatian deposits of the Ukraine. Geologicheskij zhurnal, 2: 85-87 [Russian with English summary].

10. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2001. Tectura (Squamitectura) squamata subgen. et sp. nov. (Gastropoda, Tecturidae) from the Middle Sarmatian of the Western Ukraine. Vestnik zoologii, 35(5): 93-95.

11. Anistratenko V.V., Bandel K. & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2003. On some rare trochoidean gastropods from the Miocene of the West Ukraine. Mitteilungen aus dem Geologisch-Palaontologischen Institut Universitat der Hamburg, 87: 99-114 (with 7 tables and 32 figures).

12. Anistratenko O.Yu. 2004. Who is responsible for the drilling traces in the Sarmatian brackish-water molluscan shells? Abstracts of the International Symposium of Malacology. Sibiu, Romania (August 19 22, 2004): 7-8.

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14. Anistratenko V.V. & Anistratenko O.Yu. 2005. Which is key ecological reason for the change in early ontogeny of Miocene patelloid gastropods in the Paratethys? In: Abstract volume of the 12th Congress of the Regional Committee on Mediterranean Neogene Stratigraphy Patterns and Processes in the Neogene of the Mediterranean Region. Vienna, Austria (6-11 September, 2005): 3-5.

15. Anistratenko O.Yu., Bandel K., & Anistratenko V.V. 2006. A new genus of patellogastropod with unusual protoconch from Miocene of Paratethys. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 51(1): 155164.

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